Cisco RS Quick Review Kit

Hello All,

Here is updated version of Cisco RS Quick Review Kit v5:

Version 5: Cisco RS Quick Review Kit v5 (Updated 2015.10.25)

Version 5 Legacy Technologies: Cisco RS Quick Review Kit v5 Legacy (Updated 2015.10.25)



1. Did you change the name of the booklet?

Yes, I renamed it from the “CCIE RS Quick Review Kit”, as I plan to put there (in future, for my personal use) all RS related information I learn, even beyond CCIE exam.

2. When do you plan to post the next update?

Probably never. It takes too much time to place all my notes on mindmaps, and since I try to develop myself in many other areas, it becomes impossible to keep up with changes. I will probably have to find another way of taking notes (still productive, and affective in studying and refreshing one’s knowledge).

3. Do you plan to publish original version of the mindmaps?

No, never, it took me too much effort to create them. I will keep visio documents for myself, unless you pay me 1 milion USD I will give it to you 🙂

4. What next?

Data Center of course…

5. Do you plan to publish other mindmaps?

Probably not, it takes to much effert to create them, and I take no profit from publishing them, except maybe few, minor cases (of course thank you goes to those who appreciated my effort in various forms)

6. Do you plan to maintain your blog?

I don’t think so. I mean I will not post anything related to technolgies (there are so many blogs covering all this stuff), maybe something unusual or motivating. We’ll see.


Cheers to everyone, and good luck on studying…


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